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FAQ for Notarize land co ownership agreement template

Can you co own land?
As joint owners, you may own the property as joint tenants or tenants in common. If you own the property as joint tenants then ownership of the property is by more than one person where, if one owner dies, his/her interest passes automatically to the surviving owner.
What should be included in a co-ownership agreement?
A co-ownership agreement governs the relationship and expectations of co-owners relating to their shared ownership in a property. It deals with items such as ownership interests, financing, maintenance of the property, and each owners' rights and responsibilities.
What is a joint ownership agreement?
A joint ownership agreement enables owners of property to describe how they will purchase, finance, maintain, and potentially sell it. It is similar to many other types of contracts in that it defines the rights and responsibilities of each party.
What is a co agreement?
A co-ownership agreement is a written agreement that defines the terms, structure, and management of joint homeownership between two or more parties.
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