Get the notarized Gift Deed even easier with these tips:

Be sure you have an Identification to confirm your person.
Don't create a signature till the notary tells you to do so.
Remember that you are liable for any information you fill and send.

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FAQ for Notarize gift deed

How do I transfer a property as a gift deed?
How to make Gift Deed for property? As per the Transfer of Property Act, the transfer of a house property under a gift, has to be effected by a registered instrument/document, signed by or on behalf of the person gifting the property and should also be attested by at least two witnesses.
Does a deed of gift need to be witnessed?
A Deed of Gift is a formal legal document used to give a gift of property or money to another person.. Transferring property or money by way of gift must be executed as a Deed because no consideration is given in return for the gift, thus the document has to be witnessed.
What is the procedure of gift deed?
A gift deed will be signed by the donor and the donee in the presence of two witnesses. Approach to the nearest sub-registrar to submit the signed documents. Hire a lawyer for the calculation of the registration charges*, including stamp duty. You need to Pay the prescribed fees. Attest the deed.
Does a gift deed needs to be notarized Canada?
Yes, you should get it notarised.
It only takes a few minutes to upload your document, get it authenticated by a trusted online notary and save the notarized document to your account.
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