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Look at the paper you will notarize in advance. It is going to speed up the web meeting with the notary.
Examine the web camera on your computer. It is important since the notary will have to verify who it actually is they are talking to.
Since regulation in various jurisdictions have different guidelines that are constantly updating, check out whether your paper may be officially notarized on-line.

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FAQ for Notarize consent to action without meeting

What is required to take actions by shareholders without a meeting?
(a) Unless otherwise provided in the articles, any action that may be taken at any annual or special meeting of shareholders may be taken without a meeting and without prior notice, if a consent in writing, as specified in Section 195, setting forth the action so taken, shall be provided by the holders of outstanding.
What is a consent to action?
A Shareholders' Consent to Action Without Meeting, or a consent resolution, is a written statement that describes and validates a course of action taken by the shareholders of a particular corporation without a meeting having to take place between directors and/or shareholders.
What does action without a meeting mean?
An item of business for the purpose of Civil Code Section 4910's prohibition on actions without a meeting means any action within the authority of the Board, except those actions the board has validly delegated to any other person or persons, managing agent, officer of the association, or committee of the board.
What is an action by written consent?
Shareholder action by written consent refers to corporate shareholders' right to act by written consent instead of a meeting. This type of consent avoids some of the negative characteristics of shareholder meetings.. Shareholders' Consent to Action Without Meeting. Notice of Action by Written Consent.
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