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The service costs $25 for your very first affixed e-seal and for every one after it costs $10.
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Be sure the identification document you are about to demonstrate during the video conference notary has not expired.

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Did you know?

A single video conference with an e-notary involves working with only one document at one time. If you need to notarize a couple of documents, you should use the service several times with separate payments for each next video conference.

FAQ for Notarize assignment of commercial lease form

Does an addendum to a lease need to be notarized?
No, lease agreements do not need to be notarized in California.
Who drafts an assignment of lease?
there is an agreement about who is liable for the costs of the deed of assignment. The landlord's lawyer usually prepares the agreement. However, the outgoing tenant or the incoming tenant pays these costs, not the landlord.
Can you assign a commercial lease?
the consent from the landlord and mortgagee allowing you to assign the lease; that you agree to transfer your entire interest in the lease to the new tenant; and. that the new tenant agrees to assume all of the rights and obligations of the lease.
Is it necessary to notarize a lease agreement?
Is notarization required? In India, it is not mandatory to notarize a rental agreement. As long as it is printed on Stamp paper and is signed by both parties and by two witnesses, it is considered binding. However, if you wish to notarize it, you may do so.
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